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Players are now part of the solution.

What is the QUICKSHIP program?

The RecycleBalls QUICKSHIP Program gives tennis facilities everything needed to provide a comprehensive turn-key tennis ball recycling solution.

What are the benefits of this program?

  • For your players: court-side convenience.
  • For your organization: a green “feel good” that players will love.
  • For the environment: A sustainable solution that reduces landfill waste. 
  • For your bottom line: a significant potential tax benefit.

How do we qualify?

  • You must have a minimum of 4 courts.
  • You agree to our basic application questions (see form at right).

Is there an upfront cost?

No. As of January 1, 2020, we are sending out a 10 pack setup at no charge once an application has been approved. This setup package will include:

  • A 10 pack consisting of 10 Bins, posters, and instructions. These bins come with pre-attached, prepaid UPS shipping labels. 10 bins will accommodate 2000 tennis balls.
  • Sponsor acquisition tools to make it easy for you to acquire a local sponsor. 

Ok, what is the cost after this?

We provide two options below. Both provide an easy pathway to a no-cost program via local sponsorship.

The QUICKSHIP ON-DEMAND program. This is ideal for smaller and seasonal locations. We ask for a $200 donation per 10 pack replacement and these can be re-ordered on demand anytime from our website.

    • A 10 pack of Bins, posters and instructions.
    • Bins come with pre-attached, prepaid UPS shipping labels.
    • Free shipping for everything included. (both ways)
    • Automatic notification and reorder link when you are down to 5 bins 
    • Green Ball Awards at 3,000, 5000 and 10,000 balls donated.
    • A tax deduction benefit. 
    • A newsletter.
    • A dedicated RecycleBalls success manager.

The QUICKSHIP UNLIMITED  program. This is ideal for facilities with 6 or more courts. This program requires an annual tax deductible sponsorship of $600 and provides for a fully automated and cost effective solution. 

    • All of the items above.
    • A typically significant tax benefit (see more information, below).
    • Automatic bin replacement when down to 5 bins to always keep you at 10.
    • Extra bins on demand to handle larger quantities of tennis balls.
    • An 11×14 customized “Thank -You” plaque placed in a prominent facility location for one year to recognize the sponsor.
    • A free case of Triniti balls — a $130 retail value. This will go to the facility regardless of who sponsors this.

Can we sponsor this ourselves? 

You may choose to self sponsor or ideally, use our sponsor acquisition tools (more information below) to work with a local sponsor. Having one local sponsor now or later will make this entire program cost-free to your organization.  

Can we start with the ON DEMAND option and then switch?

Yes, you can do this anytime. We are unable to provide a credit should you start with the ON-DEMAND program and switch to the UNLIMITED option.

How do we sign up? How long will it take?

Complete the form on the right. We typically review applications daily and if approved will ship  immediately.

Why these changes?

Our shared mission to reuse and recycle all tennis balls nationwide has never seemed more important or more possible. We began this non-profit  with a bold mission by offering no-cost programs to new partner facilities. This allowed us to grow quickly and make a nationwide impact in our communities. Despite existing sources of income and volunteer time, we have been unable to continue funding our current growth levels while keeping our programs cost-free. This has necessitated the need to monetize our programs through local sponsors and other means,  We hope this is a temporary situation.



More Information

How easy is it to secure a local sponsor?

In order to secure a local sponsor quickly, we will provide you with sponsor aquisition tools. These tools will includes self standing cards, lables and an announcement email template to send to your tennis players. This email will introduce them to this initiative and serve as a soft appeal for one local sponsor. We provide significant benefits for a local sponsor including the prominent display of a Thank You plaque and other benefits. More information regarding these tools is here. Information regarding sponsorship benefits is here. 

We will provide stand up cards that can be placed on two temporarily stacked bins in your lobby as a display  to bring attention to this program. These cards can also be placed on your front counter, as well as on single bins and walls. The copy on these cards is below.


How has this been funded?

This non-profit was initiated by the passion and generosity of a few who volunteered their time, talent and treasure. We started small and grew quickly by offering no-cost programs with a hope that these programs would be permanently funded by corporate donors and the generosity of the US tennis community whose habits we were changing. 

However, the funding to power this growth was simply not sustainable, especially since we were not subsidized by any grants, associations or government funding. This required a creative approach to funding our growth including:

  • Leveraging of volunteer resources.
  • Automating all communications and processes.
  • Hiring part-time staffing.
  • Selling balls as recyclable “no trash” dog balls.
  • Fundraising through our existing partner network.
  • Outreach to corporate sponsors.

In 2019 we signed a three-year partnership with Wilson Sporting Goods – our key sponsor and partner who has generously provided us with some funding and institutional guidance. 

Is this model sustainable?

After 3 years of growth and despite our best efforts to maintain no-cost programs, we outlived volunteer management resources and were no longer able to fund increasing full-time expenses. We had to make a change. 

In January 2020 we made a decision to require a fee-based donation/sponsor model for all of our programs. This new fee-based system will ensure our sustainability and growth including funding the necessary R&D to create high publicity value products from recycled tennis balls. With more awareness and a continuing outreach for more corporate partners and donors, we hope to revert back to no-cost programs in the near future. 

What about sales of the recycled material?

Currently, our recycling line, the PLAY IT GREEN machine, represents a net expense. Given increasing sustainability interest and our commitment to finding new partners and potential products, this is changing. The investment we have made in this new, first-of-its-kind, custom-built recycling line, holds the promise that with increased production and further product R&D, the GREEN GOLD produced may fund much of this initiative.

How are the balls shipped and tracked?

Full bins are brought to the front desk or anywhere UPS ships, where they will be automatically picked up by UPS without further notice. An automated system continuously ensures optimum inventory levels. Court-side bins typically fill up in 3-6 weeks.

Who assigns a value to the tennis balls as a tax deduction? 

The IRS requires the donor (you or the person you designate) to assign values to non-cash charitable donations.

What are used tennis balls worth as a tax deduction?

While we cannot legally recommend a value for donated balls. some are claiming .40 per tennis ball donated. If 10,000 balls are donated per year that is a $4,000 annual benefit. 

Who can claim this benefit?

This benefit can now be allocated to any designated donor, person, organization or sponsor even if they are not part of your organization.

Program Tips and Instructions - Included with setup package.

Please open all of our emails.

Opening these triggers our automated response system to provide you with a high level of customer service including timely responses, shipments, awards and more

Assemble every bin right away to save time.

Start by assembling the BOTTOM first and then the TOP. Ensure the two top tabs are locked. Each bin takes about a minute to assemble.

Promote this GREEN program with the included posters!

Make recycling visible by putting up the included signs and posters.

Place bins directly on every indoor tennis court. 

  • Courtside bins fill up with 200 balls in 2-4 wks on active courts.
  • Courtside bins are convenient for players and fill up 5-10 times faster.
  • For outdoor courts, place bins in a sheltered area near the courts.
  • Outdoor bin solutions are available for sale on our website.

Always replace full bins with fresh ones immediately.

  • Fresh bins are critical to a successful program.
  • Bring full bins to your front desk or anywhere UPS delivers.
  • Ship bins as soon as they are full to ensure timely bin replacement. 
  • Every bin comes with a prepaid UPS label and will be picked up by UPS when they visit, with no future notice required and at no extra cost.

Optional: Feel free to tape the top and bottom of the bin when shipping.

Champion this.

The single largest success factor of this program is a dedicated CHAMPION who is managing this – about 10 mins a week.

Enroll in one of our programs to ensure timely bin replacements.

  • We record all bin shipments and will provide you with tax deduction receipts for all full bins sent in.
  • We will provide you with an initial reminder when you are down to 5 bins.
  • Once you are enrolled in either the QUICKSHIP unlimited program (via a local sponsor or self sponsorship) or the QUICKSHIP on-demand program you will receive automatic 10 Pack bin replacements when down to 5 bins.


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